HHMMHierarchical Hidden Markov Model
HHMMHealthcare Hazard Management Monitor
HHMMHour Hour Minute Minute (time format)
HHMMHermanos Maristas (Spanish private school)
HHMMHelping Hands Medical Missions (various locations)
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The uncertainty appearing in a HHMM can be quantified by entropy.
Elements of HHMM. HHMM involves two stochastic processes, namely, hidden state process and observation process.
For the HHMM, the Markov assumption has been weakened since the next state not only depends on the current state but also depends on other historical states.
We extend it to HHMM by using our modified forward probability and backward probability variables.
The Computation of the Optimal State Sequence for a HHMM. The extended classical Viterbi algorithm is commonly used for computing the optimal state sequence for HHMM.
Hence, state entropy is proposed to be used for obtaining the optimal state sequence of a HHMM.
In this section, we introduce an efficient entropy-based algorithm that used reduction approach, namely, entropy-based order-transformation forward algorithm (EOTFA) to compute the optimal state sequence based on entropy of any generalized HHMM. This algorithm has addressed issues related to memory space and computational complexity.
Las HHMM aparecen como medio idoneo para lograr un cambio en el paradigma educativo.
Las ciencias humanas o sociales -o humanidades- conforman las HHMM en la medida en que su discurso tematiza el recorte de la realidad medica.
Es necesario integrar las HHMM, particularmente la dimension cultural, con las ciencias del ciclo biomedico, pero tambien no reducir la bioetica a mera abstraccion teorica, incurriendo en un "filosofismo" tan pernicioso como el "biologismd'.
"Hhmm," I thought, "that idea needs a little more time to settle in".
Hhmm. Guess my invitation must still be in the post.