HHNSHyperosmolar Hyperglycemic Nonketotic Syndrome
HHNSHyperglycemic Hyperosmolar Nonketotic Syndrome
HHNSHuman Health and Nutritional Sciences (graduate program; University of Guelph; Ontario, Canada)
HHNSHeart Health Nova Scotia (Canada)
HHNSHypothalamo-Hypophyseal Neurosecretory System
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Guidelines for current treatment of HHNS include initial resuscitation with crystalloid replacement and correction of hyperglycemia and hyperosmolality by ongoing fluid administration and insulin therapy.
HHNS Lacks symptoms of ketoacidosis so there is often a more profound dehydration (10 or more litres of body water, compared with four to seven litres in DKA) and higher PGC when the person finally presents.
14,27) OKA HHNS Onset Hours to days insidious (weeks) At risk T1DM T2DM T2DM in acute metabolic stress states Triggers Untreated hyerglycaemia Untreated hyerglycaemia Metabolic stress Metabolic stress Acute infection Acute infection Non-compliance with Non-compliance with insulin medication Very high carbohydrate intake Pathophysiology Absolute lack of insulin Some insulin present so triggers ketogenesis no ketones formed.