HHOHard Hand Off
HHOHome and Home Office
HHOHome Heating Oil
HHOHava Harp Okulu (Turkish Air Force Academy)
HHOHard HO (Handover) (telecommunications)
HHOHovevei Hamusica Orchestra (Jerusalem, Israel)
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Kai slegis p = 0,1 MPa ir temperatura T = 0[degrees]C, HHO duju tankis [r.
Keywords: HHO, Petrol, CO2, CO, NOx, HC and engine temperature.
In FuzAMP, multiple criteria, such as HOF, HOPP and UE speed, in addition to the conventional HHO criterion, RSRP, are considered to evaluate the HO decision.
The device works like a regular HHO system, but with a twist -- pumping both hydrogen and hydrogen steam into the heart of the generator.
The HHO usually lasts tens of milliseconds whilst VHO can take hundredths of milliseconds and more, depending on involved technologies.
To study the efficiency of using HHO gas in a compression ignition internal combustion engine by employing chassis dynamometer (rolling road) tests.
Comparisons between HO, HOS, and HHO for samples with added HPE and Hb were made with the Kruskal-Wallis test (13).
Figure 9 shows part of the reduced graph of HHO after the first iteration of the algorithm.
Bright & Gaudi HHO HOP ON, HOP OFF BUS: Barcelona is famous for its modernist architecture - a sort of fantasy art nouveau - particularly the work of Antoni Gaudi.
Hailing from North Lebanon, Water System HHO was created out of a garage in Tripoli to address the issue of generator efficiency, by developing a system to economize the wasted fuel in generators that normally escapes through the exhaust.
Moreover, the MS may perform HO authentication using our proposed HHO authentication protocols [3] when it changes its network access point within the domain of the WiMAX network.
The comparison of the number of handovers in HHO and FBSS is presented in Fig 13.