HHPPSHome Health Prospective Payment System
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The Final HHPPS Rule adjusts the penalty and incentive percentage range to three percent for the first year of the program, gradually increasing to eight percent over five years.
By Medicare's own admission, the 14 percent cut in the HHPPS Final Rule will drive 40 percent of providers to net losses, therefore jeopardizing Medicare's most vulnerable patients, devoted clinicians and thousands of small businesses.
Since that time, Senator Stabenow has taken steps to highlight the negative consequences of the deep home health cuts included in CMS' Final HHPPS Rule, noting that the cuts are draconian and would drastically reduce the number of home health providers needed to care for all Medicare home health patients.
However, within the proposed HHPPS rule, CMS certifies that the regulation would not have a significant impact on a substantial number of small entities in the home health sector without conducting the proper analysis as required by the RFA.
In CMS' proposed HHPPS rule, issued June 27, CMS proposes to further reduce Medicare home health funding by instituting a rebasing rate set at the maximum level permitted by law - 3.
In light of these factors, it appears that the draft HHPPS rule does not provide any projection of its impact in 2015, 2016 or 2017 on states or on rural, non-profit, hospital-based and other home health subsectors.