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HHQHigher Headquarters
HHQHealth Habits Questionnaire
HHQHudson Heritage Quilters (est. 1982; Wisconsin)
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You must also focus attention on external relationships throughout the garrison, sister units, and HHQ. These relationships help you socialize ideas, gain support for additional funding, and may provide avenues to influence commanders' initiatives.
The ITC plans with and provides premission materials to supporting intelligence organizations such as remotely piloted aircraft units, the Air Force DCGS, HHQ organizations, and other vested parties.
Now, HHQ must trust their subordinates to portray the battlefield.
As articulated by joint leaders of the past and present, predominant collection-management processes ignore the fluidity of asymmetric operational environments filled with "enemies who are adaptive, decentralized and able to hide in plain sight." (3) The ISR MTO, a more flexible alternative to the traditional ISR tasking method, is a proven and effective corollary to the traditional process, providing timely and relevant collection to supported units while offering higher headquarters (HHQ) flexibility in the application of scarce ISR assets.
Collaboration across all elements, as well as current data updates from higher head-quarters (HHQ), was intended to be accomplished using DCGS-A Offline Case files and ARC Shape files transferred via the unit's PACE plan.
Thus a HH questionnaire (HHQ) was developed to examine health care students' (HCS) HH knowledge, beliefs and practices, and the influences of mode of HH education and assessment on those factors.
HHQ--higher-headquarters-assessment survey (HHQ personnel)
For further details, please contact HHQ on (0191) 239 3138 or Jeff Lane on 0786 7784362.
His exceptional professionalism resulted in "Zero Findings" and "Best Seen to Date" comments from the HHQ evaluation team during two recent inspections.
Higher-headquarter (HHQ) COs also can access the aggregate database for comparing aircraft types and communities.