HHSAHealth and Human Services Agency (California)
HHSAHerrington Harbour Sailing Association (est. 1981; Herring Bay, MD)
HHSAHandicapped Housing Society of Alberta (Alberta, Canada)
HHSAHospital and Health Services Administration (university curriculum)
HHSAHoofBeats Horse Show Association
HHSAHuron Hockey and Skating Association (East Tawas, MI)
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1871, HHSA, PA XXXVIII/191 (Weisungen); also Kallay Diary, 11 Feb.
35) See the relevant file in HHSA, PA XXXVIII/187; also Kallay Diary, 24 Nov.
1871, HHSA, PA XXXVIII/191, where Kallay specifically cites document no.
HHSA settled on a one-page strategy agenda with only seventeen result indicators.
HHSA started by simply having the executives identify the fifty most meaningful "executive performance measures" from more than seven hundred individual program measures.
HHSA was fortunate to be able to build upon the strengths of a General Management System, a county-wide business model that aligns strategy with budgeting, monitoring, rewarding of employees, and leveraging efforts across departments.
He continues, "ATLAS and organizations such as San Diego County HHSA are at the forefront of improving data interoperability between systems, while protecting the patient and community by utilizing our powerful WorldCare solutions.
In January 1998, the board approved the new, improved business model for HHSA, marking a transition from a programmatic organizational structure to an integrated, regional model.
The boards goals for redesigning HHSA included the following:
Spurred by a unique and complex organizational structure in HHSA, SPE was created and is a model for meeting executive needs for decision support.
HHSA was created, integrating all social services, health, and behavioral health services, and the agency delivers these services through six geographic service delivery areas or regions.