HHSCHealth and Human Services Commission
HHSCHawaii Health Systems Corporation
HHSCHeadquarters & Headquarters Service Company (US Army)
HHSCHealth and Human Services Center
HHSCHouse Homeland Security Committee (US House of Representatives)
hHSCHuman Hematopoietic Stem Cell (biology)
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Sarah Davis, R-West University Place, chair of the House General Investigating & Ethics Committee, said in an email statement that "it's disappointing that the Governor's HHSC is such a poor steward of tax dollars.
Now, with this CenturyLink service, Texas HHSC employees are expected to have access to advanced voice calling features as well as unified communications (UC) applications.
Texas HHSC employees will have access to advanced voice calling features as well as unified communications (UC) applications.
In order to meet current demands and prepare for the future within the confines of current resources, HHSC has taken a proactive approach to redesigning its system for greater efficiency and effectiveness for both its staff and clients.
PreludeSys is well positioned to deliver value to TEXAS HHSC by leveraging its technology/domain experience across Public Sector, Balanced Incentive Program and IBM BPM.
The selection of Molina Healthcare of Texas was made by HHSC in connection with its state-wide expansion of Medicaid and CHIP Managed Care Services and in response to the Request for Proposals (RFP) issued on April 8, 2011.
The postings include everything from Edgar Walter's Wednesday rat story in The Texas Tribune to pictures of weird things in parking garages, and even a mouse - apparently acquired in an HHSC garage - crawling out from under the hood of someone's car while they were driving down Austin's Lamar Boulevard in afternoon rush-hour traffic.
The HHSC is ignoring the clear intent from the Texas Legislature, basing the cuts on a separate legislative directive to review rates every biennium.
SAVERR's first death knell rang in 1999, when HHSC began developing TIERS.
If Malulani's certificate is approved, Kwon predicts HHSC officials will respond the same way: "It's just the way they do things.
We understand that HHSC has a bid of @ $60K for Orkin to do something, but not exactly clear what," wrote Peter Maass, the Texas Facilities Commission's deputy executive director of planning and real estate management.
Texas HHSC will begin offering the benefits in stages, beginning with an 11-county area that can be served through the health and human services offices in those counties.