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HHTHigh Heat Transfer
HHTHeavy Haul Truck
HHTHistoric Houses Trust (Australia)
HHTHereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (Osler-Rendu-Weber disease)
HHTHand Held Transceivers
HHTHelen Hamlyn Trust (London; UK)
HHTHeadquarters Troop
HHTHand-Held Terminal
HHTHilbert-Huang Transform (signal decomposition)
HHTHouse Hunting Trip
HHTHeinrich Hertz Telescope
HHTHeadquarters & Headquarters Troop
HHTHand Held Technology
HHTHereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia Foundation International
HHTHalton Housing Trust (UK)
HHTHousehold Towel
HHTHelping Hand Trust
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The efficacy of traditional therapies for HHT including local therapy, surgery, and drug therapy are unsatisfactory.
The average implant HHT deviation from the anatomic was determined to be -0.36 mm [+ or -] 0.84 mm with the average HHT offsets for each implant size (Table 1).
Greater than 80% of PAVMs are congenital, and 80-90% of them are associated with Osler-Weber-Rendu syndrome (also known as hereditary HHT).
The AIT suite includes a barcode printer, docking station and the HHT. It also includes the PBUSE HHT application and the PBUSE AIT Client application.
DISCUSSION: Earlier reports indicate that the ocular involvement in hereditary hemorrhagic telangectasia (HHT) varies between 45% and 65%, of which the most common lesion involves the conjunctival Intraocular involvement in hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia is relatively rare, it has been estimated that its incidence would be less than 1%, when based on 1500 reported cases of HHT.
HHT is a vascular dysplasia that affects approximately 1 in 5 000 8 000 individuals, [1] with regional differences due to founder effects.
How the addition of heart disease (red) and autism (blue) results in a rare disorder like HHT (red and blue), and how HHT qualified for a display at the falls in the first place, given that the compendiums of the National Institutes of Health list literally tens of thousands of diseases more common than HHT, is a mystery.
Under the Mito project, Etrion has entered into a development agreement with HHT to build, own and operate a solar park, Mito, with a total capacity of 9.3 MW in the Mito region in central Japan.
Reportedly, Etrion and HHT have signed a development agreement and have been working closely together for more than one year to form a joint development team.
For the JTFA of the JEM signals, a modified HHT with a supplementary process of the original HHT was developed to improve JTFA results from measured JEM signals.
Customers do not need to purchase hardware to build an ICT system or install software at each of their offices, which means that the service can be easily employed with just an Internet-enabled PC and a required wireless HHT. As a result, they can quickly begin using the service while keeping upfront costs low.
Inventories are downloaded from the PBUSE server to the client application and pushed to the HHT. The user performs the inventory and marks it as complete.