HHV-6Human Herpes Virus Type 6
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Examination of 86 brain specimens by PCR then showed that viral DNA was present in more than 70 percent of both the MS cases and the controls, demonstrating that HHV-6 establishes a long-term latent or persistent infection in the human brain, usually with no ill effects.
Use of anti HHV-6 transfer factor for the treatment of two patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).
Emery et al[40] found that, at autopsy, the presence of HHV-6 DNA was associated with significant increases in HIV-1 proviral DNA.
Investigators have also reported finding HHV-6 inside oligodendrocytes, the brain cells that make and maintain myelin.
Each child's saliva was tested weekly for HHV-6 and parents maintained a daily log of signs and symptoms of illness in their children.
The neurotropism of HHV-6 and that the CNS may be a site of viral persistence or latency are well recognized (8,9).
Seroprevalence of HHV-6 reaches >80% in children >2 years (1-3).
Because HHV-6 infection is so prevalent, but so few children get LCH, our results suggest that the virus interacts with some underlying predisposition to the disease," said Dr.
HHV-6 encephalomyelitis is an uncommon clinical manifestation in immunocompetent adults.
We report what may be the first record of reactivated HHV-6 causing VAHS with severe hemodynamic and respiratory distress in a previously healthy adult.