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HHWHousehold Hazardous Waste (recycling and resource conservation)
HHWHeating Hot Water
HHWHaarlemse Honkbal Week (Netherlands)
HHWHigh High Water (same as HW springs)
HHWHamilton High West
HHWHTML (Hypertext Markup Language) Help Workshop (Microsoft)
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It is important to keep in mind that the chief goal of any program that addresses HHW is to reduce the amount of this waste that is being added to the everyday municipal solid waste stream.
HHW could be brought to our new transfer station and stored for a short time in a covered, fenced-off area.
HHW programs reported cost savings ranging between $2,750 and $800,000 per year.
"The timing was perfect for the state to offer these funds for a HHW facility," says Ed Umbach." We knew that there was a need in our area for a permanent, accessible facility.
The primary thrust of the HHW characterization studies has been to count the number of hazardous items (containers).
Usually one day/year - collection events which are serviced by Hazardous Waste Contractors retained by the community or as a part of a State HHW Regional Program in which the service is provided as a part of "...a permitted regional facility/program for a community...."
Automotive products were specifically selected for this study because they are both easily identifiable and they comprise a significant fraction of the total HHW burden.
Production of service clothing for hhw hochbahn-wache gmbh according to the technical specifications.
A l'issue de la derniere audience du 9 Juillet 2018, la cour d'appel de Tunis a reporte l'affaire a la date du 12 octobre 2018 pour que l'avocat de la societe HHW SA puisse repliquer aux reponses de l'Administration Fiscale.
Chilled water consumption (CHW) and heating hot water consumption (HHW) usually have strong dependence on outdoor weather conditions.
The use of recovered heat from chillers can be an efficient and cost-effective means of providing heating hot water (HHW) or domestic hot water to buildings (Johnson 2007; Temos 2006).
This caused [T.sub.h]/[T.sub.i] to be less than one in the case of both CHW and heating hot water (HHW) systems, since the hottest operation schedule occurs during the winter, with colder ambient air temperatures.