HHWSHeating Hot Water Supply (plumbing)
HHWSHeat Health Warning System
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Overall, the comparison of heat/heat wave effects between observations and forecast demonstrated the importance of choice of weather forecast product in designing a HHWS.
Examining the impacts of weather forecasts on heat/heat wave-mortality associations and the performance of various forecast products in predicting heat waves is important for designing HHWSs and improving projection of heat-related health risks.
Basic element of the presumed HHWS system will be heating pump (HP) with concentric heat exchangers developed by the scientists of the Kazakh National Agrarian University.
searching the patents and making comparative analysis of innovative technologies on the RES usage for HHWS systems;
developing several options of constructive technological scheme of HHWS system on the basis of RES use for distributed objects taking into account different climate conditions of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
creating a complex system of HHWS with the remote control on the university exercise area.