HHXHoop Hall Experience (Basketball Hall of Fame)
HHXHøjere Handels Eksamen
HHXHeavy Hole Exciton
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On the other hand, the high frequency sub-bands HHx include the edges and textures of the image and the human eye is not generally sensitive to changes in such sub-bands.
PHBHHx is a copolyester of 3-hydroxybutyrate (HB) and HHx. PHB is not only an inert storage polymer found in the cytoplasm of many bacteria, but also a universal, interactive, solvating biopolymer involved in important physiological functions (20).
Chen and Tong (22) evaluated, for the first time, the biodegradability of PHBHHx films vs PHB and Ecoflex and examined the effect of HHx content on PHBHHx degradation.
Samples [T.sub.m] [T.sub.g] ([degrees]C) ([degrees]C) PHB 177 4 P(HB-co-10% HV) 150 -- P(HB-co-20% HV) 135 -- P(HB-co-10% HHx) 127 -1 P(HB-co-17% HHx) 120 -2 Polypropylene 170 -- Polystrene 110 -- Samples Tensile Elongation strength at break (Mpa) (%) PHB 43 5 P(HB-co-10% HV) 25 20 P(HB-co-20% HV) 20 100 P(HB-co-10% HHx) 21 400 P(HB-co-17% HHx) 20 850 Polypropylene 34 400 Polystrene 50 -- [T.sub.m]: melting temperature; [T.sub.g]: glass-transition temperature; HB: 3-hydroxybutyrate; HV: 3-hydroxyvalerate; HHx: 3-hydroxyhexanoate.
AR1654 N07[degrees]/147[degrees] was seen close to the NE limb on Jan 8 as an Hhx sunspot.
0=C hydrogen bonding of PHBHHx (HHx = 12 mol%) were investigated using various techniques, such as Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), small angle X-ray scattering (SAXS), and wide angle X-ray diffraction (WAXD) (1), (2).
PHBHHx (HHx = 13.3 mol%) is found to be miscible with catechin due to the formation of strong intermolecular hydrogen bonds between the two components in their blends (6).
Miscibility, hydrogen bonding interaction, and mechanical properties of PHBHHx (HHx = 20 mol%)/PVPh blends have been investigated recently by Inoue and coworkers (17).
The group was approaching the western limb on Dec 31 type Hhx.
AR1131 N31[degrees]/209[degrees] rounded the eastern limb on Dec 2 type Hhx. This large penumbral spot was seen with the protected naked eye on most days during its passage, achieving a total area of 310 millionths on Dec 9.