HHYBHickory Hills Youth Baseball (Hickory Hills, IL)
HHYBHow Have You Been
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Based on 8 of the common microsatellite loci amplified in all the abalone hatchery populations, the resulting median inbreeding coefficient ([F.sub.IS]) values were 0.026, 0.269, and 0.451 for HRed, HJap, and HHyb, respectively.
So, inheritance of common and high-frequency alleles can be causing the high levels of homozygosity and the inbreeding coefficient (0.451) observed in the HHyb population in the current study.
The fixation index ([F.sub.ST] and [R.sub.ST]) among all abalone populations showed significant differences; they were higher than those observed between red and Japanese abalone (>0.25), whereas differences between HHyb and its parents showed that hybrids are comparatively more similar to purebred H.