HHZHeadhunterz (online gaming)
HHZHip Hop Zone
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Variable F-Statistic AGE 1.22 FPE 2.71 ** HHZ 1.43 FMZ 2.42 * CPF 2.99 ** FEX 12.61 *** HHE 13.59 *** EXG 19.52 *** HHY 11.34 *** *** Sig.
This standard interface also allows for rapid customization of expander slices to accommodate custom frequency outputs such as a requirement for a 12 to 14 HHz narrowband synthesizer.
The UDS-2020 from Gigascope Oy is a PC-based portable (5 kg), sequential equivalent time sampling converter with dual channels capable of bandwidths up to 20 Hhz. The device has both a DC-coupled 1 GHz direct input (with less than 2.5 ps RMS jitter) and an HF-Trigger input capable of 10 GHz by using the low jitter trigger heads (with less than 2 ps RMS).