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"In the USA, leftist politicians are not even allowing for a collector's or a shooting competition license for new buyers to own so-called 'hi-cap' magazines and socalled 'assault rifles' and just call for a complete ban," he observed.
Chasing the cutting edge when it comes to hi-cap competition guns can be a lot of work, and the goalposts are always moving.
The Hi Power can have a heavy trigger because of the trigger linkage used to accommodate the hi-cap magazine.
But with a hi-cap magazine in there, it holds plenty of 9mm goodness for EDC.
Other than the Browning Hi-Power, "hi-cap" 9mm's were scarce and when I finally got my hands on a "real" CZ, rather than the solution to all my woes, I got a military-grade, gritty trigger, medicore-grouping gun, with an awkward safety.
By the time we got to the early 1990s, we were accelerating 115-grain bullets to 1,500 fps out of hi-cap guns.
"We are now on the second phase (of the recovery)," said project engineer Vener Balsamo, who is working for the salvaging company, Hi-cap Metal Trading.
CCW holders are quick to show off their latest edged weapon or hi-cap heater, but rare is the shooter who carries a less-lethal alternative.
Para-Ordnance is offering customers two free high-capacity magazines for every Para PXT Hi-Cap .45 ACP bought between Sept.
You need only tip them over, so hi-cap 9mms rule the roost here.
Caption: The SIG P226 X5 is yet another German-made hi-cap competition pistol.