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HI-RESHigh Resolution
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HDtracks, the leading source for true hi-res music downloads in the US, is thrilled to be working with Magnolia Design Centers and Sony to bring the hi-res listening experience to Magnolia's discerning customers," said Norman Chesky, president and co-founder of HDtracks.
12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Sony Electronics, a leader in premium audio products, announced today in cooperation with Sony Music Entertainment that they will provide a free Hi-Res Audio download of Carrie Underwood's latest album Storyteller, to any purchaser of a Sony NWZ-A17 or NW-ZX2 Hi-Res Walkman player between December 1 and January 16, 2016.
In the realm of audio, Sony s wide range of new Hi-Res compatible products offers superior listening from inside the home to on-the-go.
Sony will be displaying a wide variety of Hi-Res Audio products in Austin, all of which are now in market or launching shortly.
We've always wanted the flesh and blood and emotion of our songs to get through to every listener and Hi-Res Audio is the best way for our fans to hear the music as we want them to hear it: in its purest quality and truest form.
The HAP-S1 Hi-Res Music Player System with two-channel Class AB amplifier.
People come to Best Buy's Magnolia Design Center for the absolute best in audio and the addition of Hi-Res Music Stations means customers can now experience the new wave of audio technology at more than 70 Magnolia Design Centers," said Mike Crane, director of audio for Magnolia Design Centers.
The HT-NT3 Hi-Res Sound Bar with wireless subwoofer provides flexible connectivity, smart functionality and 450 watts of premium power for rich, high-fidelity sound.
6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- At CES 2015 Audio-Technica is introducing a host of new products including four SonicSport in-ear headphones, three Hi-Res Audio-certified headphones, new attractively priced gaming headsets and more.
Editor's Note: To access additional information and hi-res photography of the Tamagotchi Connection V4, please visit our online press kit at http://onekit.
The new products are all equipped with DSEE HX(TM) technology, allowing streaming sources which are not Hi-Res quality to be upscaled to provide higher quality sound.
Further advancing the reach of high quality sound, Sony also announced a Hi-Res car audio head unit.