HI-SCALEHeliosphere Instrument for Spectra Composition and Anisotropy at Low Energies
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In summary, the HI-SCALE and reconfigured ARM measurements provide a wealth of information that can be used to examine how spatial variations in the mean and turbulent boundary layer properties change with time and depend on local land use and soil properties.
The HI-SCALE measurements provide insights into the spatial extent of NPF events, as shown in Fig.
The wealth of meteorological, cloud, radiation, trace gas, and aerosol measurements collected during HI-SCALE will enable a more holistic understanding of the life cycle of shallow clouds that couples cloud macrophysical and microphysical properties to land surface properties, ecosystems, and aerosols.
Listed next are a few of the science questions that can be addressed by using HI-SCALE and other ARM measurements.
HI-SCALE cases and their cloud populations can be divided into those with weaker and stronger synoptic conditions.
The temporal and spatial variability of many measurements collected during HI-SCALE will be suitable for evaluating and improving cloud-resolving LES models ([DELTA]x = 10-100 m), cloud-scale-resolving mesoscale models ([DELTA]x = 1-10 km), and regional-to-global-scale models ([DELTA]x > 10 km).
HI-SCALE would not have been possible without the contributions of many individuals including the G-l flight crew (M.
Schematic diagram depicting the primary physical processes of interest to the HI-SCALE campaign that influence the evolution of shallow convective clouds.