HI1Handover Interface Port One
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HI1 corresponds to the very low velocity gradient, presumably representing the near vascular walls and very small capillary blood, HI2, low velocity gradient, represents mainly the capillary blood, and HI3, high-frequency component, corresponds to pulsatile movement of the RBCs.
Table 1 Aiptasia strains studied Strain Symbiodinium Alternative name Origin ITS2 type strain names CC7 Wilmington, North A4 Carolina DD3 Key Largo, Florida, B2 FL1 2012 EM5 Aquarium, likely Texas B2 Gulf, 2013 GM10 Coconut Island, Hawaii, B1 HI1; Aiptasia 1979 pulchella "A" H2 Coconut Island, Hawaii B1 MMB St.
HI1: La Utilidad Percibida (UP) predice positivamente la Intencion de Uso (IU) de la plataforma CISCO NetSpace de la Academia CISCO.
1.7 32 Med 350 0.2 c1.xlarge 20 (8) 7.0 64 High 1690 0.8 Table III: Amazon Ec2 Instance Types In Numbers 14 main types ml.small', 'ml.medium', 'ml.large', of machines ml.xlarge', 'tl.micro', 'm2.xlarge', m2.2xlarge', 'm2.4xlarge', 'cl.medium', cl.xlarge', 'cc1.4xlarge', 'cc2.8xlarge', cg1.4xlarge', 'hi1.4xlarge' 7 different US East (Northern Virginia), US West regions-- (Oregon), US West (Northern California), datacenters EU (Ireland), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), South America (Sao Paulo) 2 Operating Windows, Linux Systems 3 RI utilization low, medium, high types 2 RI year terms 1 or three years
Typhi are the plasmids of incompatibility group (Inc) HI1. The first IncHI1 plasmid was isolated in Mexico City in 1972 and rendered resistance to chloramphenicol, tetracycline, streptomycin, and sulphonamides.
Plasmid incompatibility was determined for wild type as well as transformants by PCR based replicon typing using 18 pairs of different basic replicon primers, targetting FIA, FIB, FIC, HI1, HI2, I1-Ig, L/M, N, P, W, T, A/C, K, B/O, X, Y, F, and FIIA replicons (7).
A replicon-based PCR typing of plasmid incompatibility groups (Inc/rep) was performed using previously published protocols (11,12) with 5 multiplex and 6 single reactions recognizing the FIA, FIB, FIC, HI1, HI2, I1-Iy, L/M, N, P, W, T, A/C, K, B/O, X, Y, F, FIIA, and Q replicons.
Condicao similar a esse ultimo tipo climatico, mas com clima temperado (HI1), e observada nas regioes mais elevadas de Jundiai e Atibaia.
5, where [[theta].sub.0] and [[theta].sub.1] are thresholds which are set according to the false positive probability a (accept Hi1 where Hi 0 is true) and detection probability [beta] (accept [H.sub.i,1] where [H.sub.i,1] is true) as:
The vastly experienced Irish keeper's current deal ties hi1 to the club until February 28.