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HIAAHealth Insurance Association of America
HIAAHalifax International Airport Authority (Canada)
HIAAHydroxy-Indole-Acetic Acid
HIAAHealth Insurance Advisors Australia (Sydney, Australia)
HIAAHorse Industry Association of Alberta (Canada)
HIAAHenley International Alumni Association (Henley University; various locations)
HIAAHispanic International Action Association
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Although some employee benefits executives expressed concern about the complexity of the new plans," the HIAA study showed that "consumers consider themselves capable of assuming additional responsibility for their own health care choices.
Judge Walton did not rule on the copyright issue and HIAA may still pursue the matter:
HIAA members understand all too well what the Clintons intend.
The AMA appears to have kept its tent up, with some creative adjusting of the tent poles, while the HIAA tent has a huge rip straight down the middle.
From this, the patients with a variation in HIAA excretion <16 [micro]mol/mmol creatinine were divided into a "low-variation" group (10 patients), and the others were placed in a "high-variation" group (16 patients).
For more conference information, contact HIAA at conferences@hiaa.
The first cup was hosted by HIAA at Sweetwater Country Club in Houston.
We were fortunate to have assistance from a communication person from Transport Canada and our consultant from Bristol Communications, and several HIAA staff assisted us in distributing information to employees and the Visitor Information Centre.
The group's first meeting is set for October 2 in New Orleans, during the HIAA annual forum.
And while the number of individuals purchasing long-term care policies has increased, HIAA considers private-sector employer plans an especially promising outlet, since they have the capacity to reach a large number of people during their working years, when premiums are more affordable.
The HIAA, for its part, insists strenuously that medical directors are purely "agents of the companies that hire them, and their relationship with the beneficiaries during the pre-certification process is that of an insurer and an insured.
By the end of 1996, the most recent year for which figures are available, a total of almost 5 million long term care insurance policies had been sold cumulatively, with 600,000 sold in that year alone, according to the HIAA.