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HIAAHealth Insurance Association of America
HIAAHalifax International Airport Authority (Canada)
HIAAHydroxy-Indole-Acetic Acid
HIAAHealth Insurance Advisors Australia (Sydney, Australia)
HIAAHorse Industry Association of Alberta (Canada)
HIAAHokkaido International Agri-Exchange Association (Japan)
HIAAHenley International Alumni Association (Henley University; various locations)
HIAAHispanic International Action Association
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It includes tax incentives for small businesses, risk pools for the medically uninsurable individuals, Medicaid reform and exemption from state mandated coverages which, HIAA said, "can add 20 percent or more to the cost of health insurance.
We know Paul will make a significant contribution," says Joyce Carter, HIAA President and CEO.
The radical expansion of health insurance also altered the political concerns of HIAA and Blue Shield leaders and undermined their alliance with the AMA.
The HIAA survey also revealed that 40 percent of employee benefit executives know of these new consumer-choice directed plans, with executives at businesses employing more than 1,000 employees the most familiar with the new option.
Judge Walton did not rule on the copyright issue and HIAA may still pursue the matter:
Millions more Americans view private long term care insurance as excellent protection for the often catastrophic costs of nursing home, assisted living, or home health care, HIAA president Chip Kahn said.
The HIAA dusted off Harry and Louise for another multimillion-dollar campaign to promote its InsureUSA proposal.
The HIAA expects that number to rise to 9 million by 2005 and to nearly 70 million by 2030.
What the HIAA fails to address in this paper is the inconvenience, frustration, and cost associated with obtaining insurance plan approval for medical necessity.
The HIAA and the AAHP have each hired two new lobbying firms this year.
HIAA claimed that reform as presented by the association would achieve health care that served everyone (and would be less damaging to HIAA members than the Clinton plan).
He says that as far as he knows, no member of HIAA plans to require that applicants take genetic tests.