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Hibat Allah al-Asturlabi (187b/151b/141a/143a) = Badi' al-Zaman Abu 1-Qasim Hibat Allah ibn al-Husayn al-Asturlabi (d.
According to the Tehama Movement's spokesperson, Ahmed Hibat Allah, "Egyptian fishermen often enter Yemeni territorial waters, but this is the first time we arrested such a high number of them.
This method affects Yemeni fishermen as they can't fish in their traditional method by using the fishing nets." Hibat Allah told the Yemen Times.
Suresh Murugaran of Hibat Al Sharq Trading said: "All deliveries are done the next day itself.
According to Kraus (31) and Rescher, (32) al-Razi was also a pupil of Hibat Allah ibn 'Ali ibn Malki Abu al-Barakat al-Baghdadi (d.
In 523/1129 Hanbal was duly led to hear the Musnad from its most elevated living transmitter, Hibat Allah b.
Ahmed Hibat Allah, the spokesperson of the Tehama Movement, said "the Tehama Movement organized a march on Saturday, and the Tehama youth were carrying weapons during the march to show we are willing to use force in the face of the Houthi group."
Hibat Allah said the demonstrators marched to the government compound in Hodeida city, where they met the governor.
Manuscript Arabe 1665 was copied from Silafi by a third pupil of his, called Abu al-Maymun [subset]Abd al-Wahhab ibn [subset]Atiq ibn Hibat Allah ibn Wardan al-[subset]Amiri al-Misri (d.
(121.) Hibat Allah ibn Ahmad: Dhahabi, al-[[blank].sup.[subset]]Ibar II: 424.
Ahmad Hibat Allah, spokesperson of the Tehama Movement, said the rebels faced little opposition as they took over the city's air and sea ports.