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HIBORHong Kong Interbank Offered Rate
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From Figure 1, it appears that Developer B also wished to lock in funding cost at a time when HIBOR fluctuated intermittently in the period 1999-2001, and also when interest rates had an upward trend in 2007.
6 million in fixed-term loans from the company's two major shareholders, repayable in 18 months from the balance sheet date and carrying interest at 3-months HIBOR per annum.
polling of mid-market rates, based on underlying HIBOR and a standard bid-offer spread of five basis points, will be mean-averaged to three decimal places.
Nine of the banks designated as HIBOR reference banks were required to appoint external firms, approved by the HKMA, to examine the relevant communication records (such as internal and external chat messages) for periods between 2005 and 2012.
The portion priced with reference to HIBOR remained unchanged at 30.
The facility has a maturity of five years at 138 basis points over HIBOR.