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HIBORHong Kong Interbank Offered Rate
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The floating Hibor has started to run into its cap, creating pressure for banks to raise their prime rates.
From Figure 1, it appears that Developer B also wished to lock in funding cost at a time when HIBOR fluctuated intermittently in the period 1999-2001, and also when interest rates had an upward trend in 2007.
The one-month HIBOR was at 2.24 percent and three-month HIBOR at 2.33 percent, close to the highest levels in late-2008.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-January 2, 2019--HSBC increase deposit rates as HIBOR rises
The ratio of new mortgage loans priced with reference to HIBOR increased from 77.2% in January to 77.4% in February.
The ratio of new mortgage loans priced with reference to HIBOR decreased from 79.7% in December 2015 to 77.2% in January 2016.
The three-year facility carries an interest rate of HIBOR + 2.05%.
According to the report, over twenty designated banks were involved in the setting up of the benchmark currency rate the Hong Kong Interbank offer rate (Hibor).
Another person close to the deal told the agency in January the credit pays an all-in rate of more than 200 basis points above Hibor. The source added that China Travel will use the proceeds to repay an earlier loan.
Hong Kong has said that it would be probing the possibility of misconduct by UBS (NYSE: UBS) in relation to the submissions for the city's Interbank rate, known as Hibor.