HIBRIHigh Bright
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Lebanese publishing house Kaph Books will have a stand; photographer Ayla Hibri and collector and art researcher Marwan T.
(1) We thank Tim Claassen, Aya Hibri, and Tamara van der Peet for providing examples to illustrate the dimensions, and Aileen Staiger and Stefan Todorovic for coding the commercials.
Since 2009, Suzan has been involved in the production of shorts, and while money was missing as she embarked on the rather courageous journey to make a feature film in small-town Iran, she did not let her directorial instincts be ruled by the lack of money when she contacted Lebanese DoP Ramzi Hibri to travel to Shiraz to make the film, or when she cast a relative outsider to movie acting, Armik Gharibian, in the lead role.
And it continues to grow, as they develop their next collection with textile label Bokja by designers Maria Hibri and Huda Baroudi.
Christian Ghammachi Editor: Sebastien Leclercq Colour grading: Belal Hibri Music and sound design: Karim Khneisser
Organizers rely on sponsors to cover most of their investment; Hadi Hibri, one of the partners in VII Management which is organizing BFP, says they invested over $300,000 into the park including the broadcasting rights -- but that sum was mainly covered by their 30 sponsors, and the park itself was "supported by Solidere." Hibri explains that they also rented out the spaces in their food court to a variety of eateries at a fixed price, thereby increasing their profit margin as well.
En contre la montre (seniors et moins de 23 ans), Soufiane Haddi (CODM Meknes) a remporte l'epreuve, disputee vendredi sur une distance de 30 km entre Jbel Hibri et Michlifen (aller et retour).
He was speaking as he received a delegation from the US Commission on International Religious Freedom Policies and Research Centre, led by chairperson Dr Katrina Lantos Swett, member Dr Aziza Al Hibri and American Islamic Forum for Democracy founder and chairman Mohammed Zuhdi Jasser.
Aziza Al Hibri as well as founder and Chairman of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) Mohammed Zuhdi Jasser.
To highlight the plight of the rapid depletion of the world's bee population, the Lebanese duo, Hoda Baroudi and Maria Hibri (known as Bokja Design), are exhibiting their vintage-material and recycled-material bees at Sotheby's Material Worlds exhibition, which features artists and designers whose works are produced in a range of materials including iron, glass, aluminium, concrete and vintage fabric.