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HICHabitat International Coalition
HICHead Injury Criterion
HICHealth Insurance Commission
HICHealth Insurance Claim
HICHome Improvement Contractor
HICHydrophobic Interaction Chromatography
HICHydrogen Induced Cracking
HICHealth Informatics Conference
HICHealth Information Center
HICHumanitarian Information Center
HICHawaiian Island Creations
HICHybrid Integrated Circuit
HICHumidity Indicator Card
HICHerding Instinct Certified (American and Canadian Kennel Clubs)
HICHead Impact Criteria (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard)
HIChigh intensity conflict (military)
HICHome Improvement Center
HICHigh Income Country
HICHold in Custody
HICHigh Integrity Container
HICHealth Informatics Committee (of the Australian Computer Society)
HICHipparcos Input Catalog
HICHuman Interaction Component
HICHiroshima International Center (Japan)
HICHighest Incoming Channel
HICHeadend Interface Converter
HICHuman in Control
HICHeat Interchanger
HICHorseradish Information Council
HICHealth Informatics Consulting (Belle Mead, NJ)
HICHardwood Information Center
HICHotel Inventory Controller (tourism)
HICHost Interface Controller
HICHsing-I Chuan (Chinese martial art)
HICHuman Interaction Capability
HICHierarchical Ingredient Code (pharmacology)
HICHardened Intersite Cable (US Air Force)
HICHemorrhoid Information Center (website)
HICHighly Insane Criminals (gang)
HICHand Indicating Controller (piping and instrumentation and diagrams)
HICHumanities International Complete (publishing; various locations)
HICHanoi International Church (Hanoi, Vietam)
HICHope in the Cities (various locations)
HICHanover Insurance Company (New York)
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After HIC value calculation, the following diagram was obtained (Fig.
In the event of the primary insurer's insolvency, the excess policy expressly relieves HIC from any duty to "drop down" to cover any portion of the judgment that the primary insurer would be required to supply, HIC argues that plaintiff is improperly attempting to bypass that provision and force HIC to pay interest for which the primary insurer would be responsible had it not become insolvent.
Meanwhile, a number of insurance experts have drawn attention to the disparity in the manner in which the HIC has dealt tolerantly with health service providers in comparison to the more stern treatment and scrutiny exercised against insurance companies.
According to the statement, the BOI appoints HICs to perform activities like image building of Pakistan in the country of his accreditation (both through contact and personal practice), building effective relationship with the Pakistan (business) community residing in his country of residence, working as active liaison between BOI & foreign investors in getting their queries / concerns answered with efficiently & speed, assisting prospective investors in arranging their visit to Pakistan & having fruitful meeting in the country during the visit(s).
HIC will perform the duties of image building of Pakistan in the country of his accreditation (both through contact and personal practice and building effective relationship with the Pakistan (business) community residing in his country of residence.
Futboldan hic anlamadigim halde, ben de Alaaddin Bey orada oldugu icin herkesle birlikte mac izlemeye asagiya salona inerdim.
A elaboracao de acos API com resistencia a HIC comeca no pre-tratamento do gusa, visando reduzir os teores de fosforo e enxofre.
A diferencia de lo que ocurre en la meningitis bacteriana, donde la HIC ocurre por liberacion de citocinas proinflamatorias que generan edema cerebral; en CM la respuesta inflamatoria que se desencadena suele ser minima o incluso estar ausente, observandose poca o nula pleocitosis.
for the present study the HIC and the maximum value of the internal energy within the brain.
HIC reminds of provisions of the United Nations Charter, the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and of International Humanitarian Law, and the conventions consecrating entente and peaceful co-existence, calling all justice- and peace-loving countries to put a swift end to the repeated violations suffered by the historical, cultural and religious heritage in the occupied Palestinian territories, particularly the holy city of Al-Quds.