HICAPSHealth Industry Claims and Payments Service (Australia; electronic claim system)
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The T4210 enables HICAPS to offer a single electronic transaction terminal in the allied health claim space and the most advanced and convenient electronic claims and payment solution in Australia.
Formed in 1998, HICAPS (Health Industry Claims and Payments Service) is Australia's leading ancillary health claims and payments service and an integral part of NAB's new specialized business NAB Health, along with Medfin, a finance specialist for healthcare professionals.
This is the first system in Australia that brings the advantages of automated online transaction processing to health benefits processing for the private health insurance sector," said Brendan Cogley, Head of HICAPS.
We are delighted to join with HICAPS in launching Australia's first automated on-line health insurance processing system.
With the new HICAPS system, a staff member at a health service provider swipes the patient's card in the Hypercom T7P network terminal and then enters details of the services provided.
The HICAPS system features two components: a custom-developed terminal application on the Hypercom T7P, and National Australia Bank Connex Host software, which processes messages between the POS terminals and the host system.