HICEHydrogen Internal Combustion Engine
HICEHighly Interactive Computing in Education
HICEHawaii International Conference on Education (annual)
HICEHousehold Income Consumption and Expenditure (Survey)
HICEHanoi International Center for Exhibition (Vietnam)
HICEHead of Intelligence Community Element
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The carbon isotope study of the Burovlyanka section has led to the recognition of the HICE with high and upward decreasing [[delta].
Ford plans to install HICE in a vehicle for testing later this year, Bates says.
Bates admits that Ford is behind BMW, which he reckons has invested the most of any automaker into HICE development.
Purchased by the CHR, the eTec HICE Silverado is the first hydrogen vehicle to be registered in South Carolina and will be used to publicly demonstrate the viability of using hydrogen in transportation.
As the Center for Hydrogen Research is pioneering a new wave in hydrogen research and education, we are excited to provide the eTec HICE Silverado to enhance their hydrogen research capabilities and to further demonstrate the viability of hydrogen," said Garrett Beauregard, vice president of engineering, eTec.
With technical assistance from project partners Roush Industries and Powertech Labs, eTec led the conversion of the eTec HICE Silverado to be fueled by a compressed hydrogen fuel system that produces nearly zero carbon emissions.
The acquisition of the eTec HICE Silverado is a major milestone for the Center for Hydrogen Research in uniting South Carolina's national laboratory, research institutes, universities, and private sector towards the vision of accelerating the development of hydrogen as a viable alternative energy source," said Fred Humes, director of the Center for Hydrogen Research.