HICLHSBC Infrastructure Company Limited (UK; est. 2006)
HICLHealth Insurance Contract Language (scripting language used in health care software)
HICLHawaii Interscholastic Chess League
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HICL Infra structure Company Limited Analyst Notes According to the Corporate Calendar on the official website of HICL Infrastructure Company Limited (HICL Infrastructure), the Company will pay a second interim dividend of 3.
HICL initially acquired a portfolio of 15 Private Finance Initiative (PFI) and Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects but now has assets of around pounds 429m, which have proven track records.
The education sector is the largest by number of projects with HICL being involved in Health & Safety Labs, Conwy Schools, Helicopter Training, Defence Sixth Form College, Pinnacle Schools (Fife), Ealing Schools, North Tyneside Schools, Wooldale Centre, Darlington Schools and Haverstock School.
HICL focuses on 'public assets' which have some form of government backing and revenue streams which rise in line with inflation.
HICL Infrastructure Company Limited announced the buy out of a minority stake in two new investment projects for a total of GBP9.
The two investments were funded from existing cash resources, and takes the number of infrastructure investments in its portfolio to 91, said HICL.
Balfour Beatty has also completed the sale of its 50% interest in the Tameside Hospital PFI to a subsidiary of HICL Infrastructure Company Limited, its co-shareholder, for a consideration of Au16.
HICL Infrastructure Company has announced that the company has decided to acquire further equity and loan note stakes in the Highlands Schools private finance initiative (PFI) project.
HICL Infrastructure Company has bought a remaining 33 per cent of equity and loan note stake in the Dorset Fire & Rescue PFI Project.
HICL infrastructure is one such trust which has divided the investor's money over 73 projects, such as John Redcliffe and Romford hospitals, the M80 motorway in Scotland.
A subsidiary of HICL has acquired the 11% equity and subordinated debt interest
The company's innovative HICL technology allows the system to be programmed by non-technical health plan staff using plain English language commands and the actual policies and business rules of the health plan.