HICNHealth Insurance Claim Number
HICNHouseholds in Conflict Network (Brighton, East Sussex, England, UK)
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Even though, your systems will need the capability to accept the new MBi format by April 2018, you can continue to bill and file healthcare claims using a patient's HICN during the transition period.
Complete HICNs or SSNs were reported for 3,383 person-years.
A logistic regression found that the exact matches were more likely to be the household informant (self-respondent), live in the Midwest or South compared with the West and East regions, reside in a nonmetropolitan statistical area (non-MSA), report their race as white compared with nonwhite, and at least 65 compared with the Medicare beneficiaries who did not match exactly or provide their HICN or SSN for the matching (full results available in an appendix table available from the authors).
De una muestra a conveniencia de nueve pacientes con LPHB entre los cinco y diez meses de edad, que consultaron en el ano 2005 el servicio de odontopediatria del HICN de Medellin, se seleccionaron seis pacientes que cumplieron con los siguientes criterios de inclusion: no presentar otras alteraciones estructurales y funcionales diferentes a su defecto facial; tener la premaxila protruida independiente de la localizacion de los segmentos laterales; no haber sido sometidos a procedimientos quirurgicos para la correccion del LPH bilateral; contar con el consentimiento de sus padres o acudientes para someterse al tratamiento y tener posibilidades de someterse a un proceso continuo de seguimiento y observacion.
5) While the HICN was used to create the Cost and Use file, it does not appear in the user file because this would violate the sample person's right to privacy.
Upon completing the match, we used the HICN to identify unique combinations of patients and hospitals (n = 13,834).
As with any personal injury case, an appropriate release for medical information, narrowly-tailored interrogatories, document requests, and subpoenas regarding the plaintiff's injuries, social security number, HICN, medical costs and expenses, identification of the Medicare secondary payer recovery contractor, and health care provider records will prove invaluable in determining whether and the extent to which Medicare's interests must be reasonably considered.