HICOMHigh Technology Communication
HICOMHigh Commissioner
HICOMHeavy Industries Corporation of Malaysia (now DRB-HICOM Group; Selangor, Malaysia)
HICOMHigh Command
HICOMUS Navy High Command Communications Network
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The sustainment brigade designed Reverse Warfighter with this issue in mind and focused on utilizing the entire sustainment team, both horizontally (peer-to-peer) and vertically (HICOM to LOCOM).
A Hicom official said they not only took into account the number of messages sent but also the creativity of the slogans in the messages.
Similar to the "chicken in every pot" political phrase during the presidency of Franklin Roosevelt, this "car for every household" idea caught on, and HICOM Holdings Berhad, Malaysia, and its subsidiary, Proton Malaysia, were founded to provide an inexpensive solution to the problem.
Hicom Petrophies offered to provide API 5LX-65 pipes at US$ 437 per ton CIF as against the price of US$ 700 per on in Malaysia.
HiPath Wireless allows the implementation of Mobility solutions, an integral component of which are IP-enabled terminals such as telephones and PCs, and makes all Hicom features available on the terminals on a cable-free basis.
Siemens' Hicom is the worldwide leading private communications server and installed in approximately 120 countries.
The UK City of York is working together with the police and local retailers in a new retail crime reduction initiative, which uses software from Hicom Technology to build up a database of criminals who have been caught shoplifting in the city.
A breakthrough in particle breakage technology comes with the Hicom range of high intensity grinding mills produced by the C.H.
FLAIR and experience complemented with the ability to step up a level, when needed, saw the visiting European team sweep the board 5- 0 up at the end of the opening day of the Eursia Cup, presented by DRB- HICOM, here on Thursday.
KUALA LUMPUR: Syed Mokhtar Al Bukhary's DRB Hicom agreed to buy Lotus sportscar-owner Proton Holdings for 1.29 billion ringgit ($410 million), in Malaysia's biggest automotive takeover since 2000.
The companies now have an agreement to import and distribute ready-made Westfield and GTM kit cars in Malaysia through the HICOM network in the Asia-Pacific region.