HICOMHigh Technology Communication
HICOMHigh Commissioner
HICOMHeavy Industries Corporation of Malaysia (now DRB-HICOM Group; Selangor, Malaysia)
HICOMHigh Command
HICOMUS Navy High Command Communications Network
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Muhaini Musa is a career counselor for HICOM Holdings Berhad, Malaysia in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
The government announced recently that with the right to match priority, HICOM could still win the tender even if its price is 10% more expensive than the best offer from other bidder.
Lawmakers raised question about the reason for not giving the project to the state-owned PT Jasa Marga, which has had long experience in toll road construction, while HICOM is not yet known at least in Indonesia.
Hicom International Pty Limited markets worldwide the HICOM range of High Intensity Grinding Mills.
The HICOM 120 is the first model in a new range of HICOM mills produced by the CH Warman Group.
The grinding process in HICOM mills is achieved through a unique combination of the grinding chamber geometry and a high-speed 'nutating' motion.
HICOM mills are particularly suited to energy-efficient ultra fine grinding.
To assist industry in assessing the benefits of HICOM mills for a particular application, a containerised HICOM 120 plant is available for on-site grinding trials at client locations.
The first commercial HICOM 120 mill operating in the diamond industry was commissioned late last year for South African producer Alexkor Limited as part of its state-of-the-art final recovery plant on the west coast of South Africa.
The assigned rating reflects the reliance on the future cash flows from the OMA originally signed between HICOM Power and TBP (MARC's senior implied rating of /Stable) as a fairly predictable debt repayment source and the linkages between the credit profile of Tanjung Bin O&M and MPower (MARC senior debt rating of -/Stable).