HICONHandle to An Icon
HICONHandle to an Icon (Microsoft)
HICONHigher Control
HICONHigher Command (US DoD)
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This is to be expected, as HICON is also a uniform workload in the sense that all clients have the same data affinity; HICON differs only in that it involves much more data contention, as the write probability is increased (in fact, contention for PS is high even at low write probabilities).
Figure 25 shows the results for the HICON workload with the nonsymmetric page locality setting.
Finally, in the case of the HICON workload, the behavior of OS is similar to its behavior with the HOTCOLD and the PRIVATE workloads.
Table VI shows an example of a comparison between the two versions of PS-AA for the HOTCOLD, the UNIFORM, and the HICON workloads.
However, under the HOTCOLD and HICON workloads, the probability of condition (b) decreases as the page write probability increases.
The cafe's main focus was to provide the HICON J-staff access to their garrison NIPRNET and SIPRNET email accounts via on-line web access provided by 30th Signal Battalion.
This exercise provided the HICON J-staff an opportunity to train in a simulated environment representing a real-world operation," said LTC Stephen Donahue, who served as the J-6 officer-in-charge.
USARPAC also deployed a portion of its website, providing valuable campaign-information exchange among the HICON J-staff throughout the exercise.
Information management was so critical to the warfighter that it was the HICON JTF J-6's responsibility to keep communications and automated services operational," Donahue said.
The HICON metal composite uses Lenox proprietary technology which increases quality, reduces lead times, and reduces the historical problems associated with the common epoxy composite tooling.
In addition to offering the HICON tooling system for prototype, pilot, pre-production, and process-specific production applications, Lenox offers a packaged turnkey pre-production tooling service incorporating the design and production of prototype HICON tools along with the design, construction, and pre-production running of hard tools based on these prototype tools.
Lenox also focuses on the commercialization of its HICON metal composite tooling technology.