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HICPHarmonised Index of Consumer Prices (Europe)
HICPHealth Insurance Counseling Project
HICPHuman Immunology & Cancer Program
HICPHome Intravenous Chemotherapy by Parents (treatment program)
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A monthly report compiles HICP trends for 16 economies, alongside conventional Consumer Price Indexes (CPI) as measured by national governments.
Generally speaking, market services account for 22-35 per cent of the HICP in the old member states, and range from 10 per cent to 24 per cent in the transition economies in 2006 (see table 3).
Prior to EMU, significant differences existed in the methodologies used to construct national price indices, and in this context, a decision was made to exclude OOH from the HICP.
The HICP is an internationally comparable measure of consumer price inflation.
The report added that the enhanced HICP initiative cut the debt ratio in half for 18 countries, but in eight of the countries in Africa the ratios have come to exceed, once again, the HIPC thresholds.
This meant that the annual inflation rate as measured by the HICP remained static at 2.
National Statistics said the consumer price index, previously known as the 'harmonised' index of consumer prices or HICP fell by 0.
Shadow Chancellor Oliver Letwin accusedMr Brown of allowing borrowing to spiral out of control and warned against any weakening of interest rate policy following the switch over to HICP.
Judged on the HICP, the UK inflation rate has been among the lowest in the European Union since the start of 2000.
In his Budget, the Chancellor talked of using the HICP as a replacement for the RPI.
4 percent in May 2001, whereas the annual rate of increase in the HICP (excluding unprocessed food and energy) remained unchanged at 2.