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HICSHospital Incident Command System
HICSHuman Interaction with Complex Systems (Symposium)
HICSHazardous Inventory Control System
HICSHardened Intersite Cable System
HICSHead In Cement Syndrome (Marine slang)
HICSHelicopter Internal Cargo System
HICSHosted Integrated Contact Services (AT&T Inc.)
HICSHealth Interactive Claims System (insurance)
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Unlike the earlier Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the SDGs explicitly apply to all countries, and call on HICs to look inward to assess their own national situation.
* Collaboration with other F2F HICs, family groups, and professionals in efforts to improve services for CYSHCN
ISLAMABAD: Saleem H Mandviwalla, Minister of State/Chairman Board of Investment has appointed Akhtar Nazir Khan as Honorary Investment Counsellor (HIC) in China to complement the investment and trade promotion efforts for Pakistan.
Table I: Variables determining the stiffness of the chosen materials and the corresponding HICs. Run Foam Foam Window HIC Energy in Liner 1 Liner 2 (MPa) Brain (mJ) 1 58 61 68000 491 105 2 58 61 72000 532 108 3 58 63 68000 1829 106 4 58 63 72000 996 110 5 60 61 68000 476 129 6 60 61 72000 671 134 7 60 63 68000 654 131 8 60 63 72000 1006 136 Fig.
Sauer-Danfoss said the new family of standardized, off-the-shelf HICs are expected to speed up OEMs' production timelines and control installed costs.
Applications: Food packaging, HIC and personal-care bottles, light industrial packaging, technical parts.
"The National Training Center continues to maintain the capability to conduct HIC, but our current calendar is focused on mission rehearsal exercise rotations for at least the next 18 months."
The hepatic iron concentration (HIC) [5] is used in clinical practice and in research.
The data are divided between low income countries (LICs) and high income countries (HICs) based on GDP per capita in 1970.
F2F HICs are uniquely able to help families because they are staffed by family members who have first-hand experience navigating the maze of health care services and programs for CYSHCN.
These ideas in global health are generally rooted in High-Income Countries (HICs), and then reach Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs).