HICUMHigh-Current Model (bipolar transistor circuits)
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New bipolar models have been added (HICUM, Mextram 504 and VBIC 95P) for use with HB and MESFET favorites such as EEHEMT, Triquint Materka and Staatz, and are available with HSPICE.
Si-based BJT models, such as the venerable Gummel-Poon model, VBIC model, and even advanced models such as MEX-TRAM and HICUM models, cannot naturally fit the detailed bias-dependence of GaAs- and InP-based devices well, and therefore struggle to predict distortion in applications using III-V technology.
New and refined technologies include phase noise analysis, new optimization methods, the HICUM bipolar junction transistor model and calculations revealing convergence behavior.