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HIDAOverseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association (Japan)
HIDAHealth Industry Distributors Association
HIDAHepatobiliary Iminodiacetic Acid (scan to evaluate galbladder)
HIDAHospital Infections Disclosure Act (South Carolina)
HIDAHydroxyiminodiacetic Acid
HIDAHigh Intensity Directional Acoustics (American Technology Corporation and Carver Corporation)
HIDAHamburg Industrial Development Agency (Hamburg, PA)
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The initial diagnostic imaging of choice in patients with suspected acute cholecystitis is gallbladder ultrasound, with HIDA scan being used if the former has equivocal findings.
In our study, the sensitivity, specificity, PPV and NPV of HIDA scan for the diagnosis of BA were found to be 100%, 60%, 60.
SIFI designations are controversial in the insurance space because many believe that the problem of large institutions being systemically important is "inherently a banking problem and not an insurance company problem," Hida said.
But the pick of the city was the open-air Hida Folk Village, a museum of domestic culture in the style of St Fagans Museum of Welsh Life in Cardiff.
The Gnawing Thoughts" tells the story of Hida Jessie Piersma, a woman who struggles through life, originally growing up in Uganda under the warlord Idi Amin.
A sampling of topics includes analgesics, aseptic technique, bloodless surgery, HIDA scan, managed care plans, rotator cuff repair, and ventricular shunt.
Top winners include Lamya Mohammed Shah (song), Mishal Mohammed (memory test), Fida Anwer (crayon), Nazrin Nazer (action song) in the kids category, Amal Abdullah (mono act), Sharika Balachandran (song), Sree Lakshmi Madavan (Malayalam poem recitation), Ezzat Abdul Ghafour (pencil drawing), Mithil Rao (English poem recitation) Haika Fathima Ambalavan (crayon/English poem recitation) in sub junior, Tabsheera Abdul Nazer (song), Hani Abdul Majeed (story writing), Rinsa Gafoor (story writing), Nazneen Mustafa (pencil drawing), Hida Rose (mono act), Nihal Udaranikkal (cartoon), Fathima Shirin (poem writing), and Gayathri Venu (water color) in the junior section.
Friday, 54 centimeters of snow fell in Hinoemata, Fukushima Prefecture, 49 cm in Minakami, Gunma Prefecture, and 38 cm in Hida, Gifu Prefecture.
The suspects, including former Maruaki President Akiichi Yoshida, 65, are suspected of having sold 600 kilograms of fourth-ranked Hida beef falsely labeled as the highest fifth-ranked beef in November last year to a beer manufacturer, who purchased it as a prize for a competition, according to the investigation.
But the Boston Philharmonic has many superb professionals, principals such as Dan Rios on English horn, Tom Hill on clarinet, Kathleen Boyd on flute and Kyoko Hida on oboe.
Nestled near the Northern Japan Alps of Gifu prefecture lies Hida Takayama (known as Hida locally), a mountainous area full of lush greenery and natural surroundings.
Henry reluctanbly agrees to go on a double date with Betty, the other unlikley couple being Hida and Gio, Elsewhere, Wilhelmine's change of image doesn't fool anyone.