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HIDAHealth Industry Distributors Association
HIDAHepatobiliary Iminodiacetic Acid (scan to evaluate galbladder)
HIDAHospital Infections Disclosure Act (South Carolina)
HIDAHydroxyiminodiacetic Acid
HIDAHigh Intensity Directional Acoustics (American Technology Corporation and Carver Corporation)
HIDAHamburg Industrial Development Agency (Hamburg, PA)
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Meeting these new standards could require a "substantial increase in capabilities," Hida added.
When Sanzo Okada entered Hida Sangyo, one of the most historic woodwork furniture manufacturers in Japan, as President in 2000, he had thought that surrounded by such abundant forests, of course the timber used for furniture would be taken locally.
The HIDA scan is very sensitive with very few false-negative results, but false-positive results (lack of gallbladder visualization) are possible with the following circumstances:
Accommodations are simple and far from spacious, but offer a reasonably authentic experience of a Hida rice farmer's lifestyle.
A HIDA scan was performed on 72 patients, who then underwent LC for acalculous gallbladder disease.
We will also feature PURE at APIC 2012 in San Antonio in June and the October HIDA Conference in Chicago.
Regulators are looking beyond solely quantitative measures of market, credit, and liquidity risk to assess whether institutions have created a culture that encourages employees to take appropriate risks and that promotes ethical behavior more broadly," said Edward Hida, Deloitte Global Risk & Capital Management Leader.
Just last month a meat wholesaler in Gifu Prefecture was found to have mislabeled low-grade beef as high-quality Hida beef.
The bus was carrying 19 passengers and was heading to a bus terminal in central Takayama from a hot spring resort in the city of Hida in the prefecture, according to the bus operator.
Clinicians detected most of the bile leaks with HIDA scans, but they detected some during laparotomy, laparoscopy, endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography, or percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography.
Toshio Hida of Japan International Cooperation Agency said in a farewell speech given to the departing helpers at Narita international airport, ''I am sure the team members will be busy.
ACORD, ADAA, HIDA, and NPCA are examples of associations that have found a two-day board-staff retreat an effective vehicle for clarifying values, vision, and mission, and for identifying strategic issues (see sidebar, "Retreat Basics," and the feature "Planning a Productive Retreat," also in this issue of LEADERSHIP).