HIDDHospital Inpatient Discharge Database
HIDDHardware Independent Device Driver (modular system)
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Sdiyat Development and Investment Company (SDIC) is committed to implement sustainable practices that are in compliance with Abu Dhabi's sustainability standards of new projects and help the country become a benchmark for sustainable development, globally," added Dr Adnan Sahli, chief operating officer of LEAD Development, working as the development manager for Hidd Al Sdiyat.
Hidd Al Sdiyat is a luxurious residential development project on Sdiyat Island, Abu Dhabi.
As part of the agreement, Hidd Al Sdiyat beachfront development homeowners will benefit from ADCB's attractive mortgages and Ijarah financing options.
5 million square metres of land with seven kilometres of beaches, the Hidd Al Sdiyat project will consist of 452 villas, with commercial centres, hotels, apartments, beach clubs and amenities within reach.
5 million square meters with nearly 7 kilometers of waterfront, the Hidd Al Sdiyat project will provide residents the finest offerings on the shores of the Arabian Gulf, minutes away from Abu Dhabi City.
We are pleased to appoint Al Jaber Building to develop Hidd Sdiyat Villas.
The new Hidd Sdiyat Villas development extends on a land area covering nearly 1.
We believe that LuLu Hypermarket offers the complete shopping experience and we are confident that LuLu Hypermarket in Hidd will continue the tradition of offering the best in quality, range, service and price.
The masterplan, designed by renowned master planners OBM International, is set to create a unique business and investment community through the development of various warehousing and logistics projects and services situated over the 60-hectare (600,000 sqm) site near the Al Hidd industrial area.
Together PRiSM and eDNA are providing the Al Hidd Power Plant with solutions that complement its state of the art infrastructure and set a benchmark for Middle East energy facilities.
William King, Hidd Production Director, says, "The eDNA software will be used to support key operational decisions we make at Hidd which are responsible for a significant amount of the island's demand for electricity and water.
The Newcastle company is carrying out a number of services for the third phase of the creation of the Hidd Power Complex.