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HIDIHospital Industry Data Institute (Jefferson City, MO)
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Maintained situational interest (Hidi & Renninger, 2006) represents a more durable extension of triggered situational interest that is facilitated through the joint influence of task valuation and supports within the learning/ career development environment (e.g., family members, career counselors).
Past studies have found that extrinsic motivation is particularly important when students do not have any personal interest in the topic (Hidi & Harackiewicz, 2000).
Consistent with results from previous studies (Bartholomew & Jowers, 2011; Mahar et al., 2006; Martin & Murtagh, 2015) increased interest from movement activities offers a significant result because previous research implies that interest is important to students' attention, motivation, and learning (Hidi & Renninger, 2011).
Therefore, the respondents are more greatly motivated to act if they run the risk of losing something or wish to avoid this occurring (Kahneman & Tversky, 1979), have individual preferences for exploratory behavior (Hidi et al., 2004) and feel motivated when they own a virtual good that distinguishes them from other people (Lehdonvirta et al., 2009).
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Boys prefer adventure, sports, science, and information, while girls prefer mystery and romance" (Ainley, Hillman, and Hidi, 2002, p.
Comme l'interet personnel est un construit plus stable que l'interet situationnel qui en est un precurseur (Hidi & Renninger, 2006), il se peut, encore une fois, que la duree de l'etude n'ait pas permis de reveler des changements significatifs entre les deux temps de mesure.
At present, little is known about this lifeworld of developmental writers during the moment of writing, though a deeper understanding of this area is warranted, as the writing approaches of children are felt to be affected by the internal experiences of perceived self-efficacy, competence, and self-regulation (Boscolo & Hidi, 2007).
Tunisian professor Mohammad Hidi Zaiem said the proposals give a new impetus to moderate Islam.
Curiosity is important in the development of intelligence, wisdom, and coping with stress (Renninger, Hidi, & Krapp, 1992).
More recently, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education member, Suzanne Hidi recognized interest as a "motivating force and as a mental resource" (2) in education.
(***) Laboratory Mechanics of Structures and Solids (LMSS) Mechanical Engineering Department-Faculty of Technology, University of Sidi Bel Abbes BP 89, Cite Ben M' hidi Sidi Bel-Abbes 22000, Algeria