HIDPHuman Interaction Design Protocol (project which examines the role of the graphic designer in the tech sector)
HIDPHanford Internal Dosimetry Program (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
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In the same manner, the AuC executes the following functions to authenticate the NFC POS: (4) using all values of IDPnew or IDPold, the AuC performs the H (IDPnew/IDPold [parallel] R1) function to compute the hash value (HIDP) that is equal to the hash value (HIDP) received from NFC POS; if HIDP is satisfied based on the IDPnew, the corresponding KPnew is retrieved and the flag value F2=1, else if the IDP = IDPold then KPold is retrieved and F2=0, else the authentication session is terminated by the AuC; (5) computes R3 value where R3 = IDP [symmetry] M4; (6) executes the XM3 = (KMnew/KMnew [parallel] R1 [parallel] R3) function to compute expected hash value XM3; if XM3 = M3, the NFC POS is verified, else the AuC terminates the session.
PPE cases with HIDP serotypes were older than those with LIDP serotypes (median ages 56 and 24 months, respectively; p = 0.0001) (Table 5).
Characteristics of children hospitalized with PPE, by serotype category, excluding patients with serious underlying disease (n=3) * HIDP Characteristic serotyhes, Serotype 3, n = 84 n = 11 Median age, mo (range) 55.6 (2-180) 37.9 (9-71) Median hospital stay, 13 (4-38) 15 (9-29) ([double dager]) d (range) Complications, % patients 10 45 ([paragraph]) LIDP Characteristic serotypes, n = 13 p value Median age, mo (range) 24 (2-36) 0.0001 ([double dagger]) Median hospital stay, 10 (6-24) 0.042 ([section]) ([double dager]) d (range) Complications, % patients 0 0.004 (#) ([paragraph]) * PPE, pediatric parapneumic empyema; HIDP, high invasive disease potential; LIDP, low invasive disease potential.
In the HIDP, the IEA was applied to health insurance decisions facing Medicare beneficiaries.