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HIEHealth Information Exchange
HIEHighlands and Islands Enterprise (Scotland)
HIEHoliday Inn Express
HIEHypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy
HIEHealth Insurance Experiment
HIEHigh Speed Infrared (Film, Kodak)
HIEHyperimmunoglobulin E-Recurrent Infection
HIEHipertensión Inducida por el Embarazo (Spanish: Pregnancy-Induced Hypertension)
HIEHealth Informatics Europe (journal)
HIEHealth Insurance Enrollment
HIEHealth Insurance Exception
HIEAl-Hassan Industrial Estate
HIEElliptical Metal Halide (lighting)
HIEHazard Identification and Evaluation (more commonly abbreviated HI&E)
HIEHorney Industrial Electronics (Bridgeville, DE)
HIEHost Interface Equipment
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Beefing up its technology team - The new position of project management officer was created to help project coordinators connect providers to the HIE more quickly and efficiently; two people are now assigned to data analytics to provide more population health services; and HealthlinkNY has brought in consultants to boost the number of interface engineers - the ones who design HealthlinkNY's user experience - from one to three.
In our findings, a significant difference was found in the outcome according to the severity of HIE, as majority of patients 16 out of 25 died with HIE stage III.
Leverage the cloud by allowing private HIEs to share information within secure tunnels across facility and state lines.
Inclusion criteria for neonates with mild HIE group were according to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development Neonatal Research Network study, [sup][5] which has been demonstrated to be also applicable to preterm infants.
On univariate analysis, there were no statistically significant differences in maternal characteristics and CTG readings between those with no HIE or mild to moderate HIE compared with those with severe HIE or who died.
The other major challenge to the effectiveness of an HIE concerns the ability for a clinician to easily find the relevant information for their care decisions.
The lack of opt-in capabilities; not having the legislator allocate money from the Medicaid population to help fund and sustain the HIE; and not starting early were three components we didn't have that make most HIEs successful.
The speaker explained that there was a commitment on the part of Qatar's government to establish a HIE in Qatar.
Two exercise scientists, Professor Greg Whyte of Liverpool University and Liverpool Professor Jamie Timmons of Loughborough University are experts on HIE and keen advocates of its benefits.
Joining IEHIE gives the hospitals, clinics, payers and public health departments in SJCHIE quick access to powerful and comprehensive HIE technology and services, plus the proven governance and legal expertise of IEHIE that will enable better care for patients in San Joaquin County," said Dr.
MobileMD's cloud-deployed HIE service liberates patient information across a community of providers, regardless of geographic, organizational, or health IT system boundaries.
Worldwide, 10% to 60% of infants who develop HIE will die and at least 25% of the survivors will have long-term neurodevelopmental sequelae.