HIECHalton Industry Education Council (Burlington, Ontario, Canada)
HIECHuman Intestinal Epithelial Cell
HIECHealth Innovation and Education Cluster
HIECHigher Independent Election Commission (Iraq)
HIECHanford Instrument Evaluation Committee
HIECHome Infusion EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Coalition (National Home Infusion Association)
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Dr Philip Nichols, director of HIEC NE, said the new scheme was "a major boost for the North East healthcare sector" which would help to create jobs and improve patient care.
The HIEC had raised the said cases, along with a case against Legislature Hanan al-Fatalwy, to question the HIEC, in the background of an article, written by Dr.
Professor David Graham, head of Liverpool University's Medical School, said: "The HIEC will improve the education and training of the healthcare workforce and speed up the adoption of innovation and research in hospitals and in the community.
Sardar Abdul-Karim, a commissioner with the HIEC, says there would probably be a re-count at some voting centres if the election group's judiciary committee confirms SoL allegations.
On March 26, hours before the HIEC announced the March 7 vote results, two bombs exploded in a town in the north-eastern province of Diyala, killing at least 59 people.
The North East Quality Accelerator is one of 17 successful applications to become a new HIEC (Health Innovation Education Cluster) - new bodies that combine the expertise of industry, health and education to promote innovation in the NHS.
The HIEC aims to combine the expertise of industry, health and education to promote innovation in the NHS.
HIEC must aim at developing a wide range of skills and competencies so that people can seek out, comprehend, evaluate and use health information and concepts to make informed choices, reduce their health risks and increase the quality of their lives, said Mr Bundhoo.