HIERHeat Induced Epitope Retrieval
HIERHarvard Institute of Economic Research
HIERHistoire et Éducation en Réseau (French: History and Education Network; Canada)
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The poor thermal conductivity of the microscope slide itself, combined with the need to rapidly heat and hold temperature during HIER, necessitates the use of relatively powerful heaters that can exceed the power available from standard electrical circuits when more than 30 slides are in HIER at the same time.
One strategy for increasing available HIER power relies on a common characteristic of most staining protocols for formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissues.
A spokesman for the Deen family, Jaret Kellers, issued a statement saying Hiers closed the restaurant ''to explore development options for the waterfront property on which the restaurant is located.
The ruling lets stand Jackson's claims that Hiers sexually harassed her when she worked at the restaurant from 2005 to 2010; however, the judge said he was reserving the chance to rule on requests from Deen's lawyers to dismiss other claims in the lawsuit.
Murphy Hiers demonstrates with a mock sword at the Palmdale Playhouse's summer theater camp.
Murphy Hiers thrusts his foil across the shoulder of student Harry Clay.
Semiconductor industry veteran Maury Hiers will head the office's sales team, and Steve Ransom, an experienced design engineer and technology manager, will lead the engineering staff.
Hiers has 24 years of sales experience in the semiconductor industry.