HIFAHarare International Festival of the Arts (Zimbabwe)
HIFAHealth Insurance Flexibility & Accountability
HIFAHome Improvement Finance Act (various states)
HIFAHydroxyisophthalate Formaldehyde Acetal (chemistry)
HIFAHawaiian Islands Freight Association, Inc (Honolulu, HI)
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Owned by Mubadala Development Company, the HIFA is a flight training organisation in the Middle East.
Despite SCHIP's statutory objective of expanding coverage to low-income children, HHS has continued to approve HIFA waivers that allow states to use SCHIP funds to cover childless adults.
HIFA allows states to define their own cost-sharing programs for optional and expansion populations--one of the few restrictions is a cap on cost sharing for children at 5 percent of the family's income (the same guideline used for SCHIP).
The New York program is similar to the HIFA initiative because it uses savings from a more flexible package to help finance further coverage expansions.
Because HIFA programs were designed by the states, each program is unique.
A total of fifteen states received HIFA waivers between December 2001 and December 2006 (Table 1).
Teresa Coughlin: With state HIFA waivers, that flexibility is also coming into play with Medicaid to some extent.
These states could have covered parents under SCHIP waiver authority but needed HIFA authority for other aspects of their plan.
Given that the HIFA waiver comes with the usual requirement for cost neutrality, this new flexibility to limit what goes in the benefit package will undoubtedly be tested as a mechanism for saving resources to expand coverage.
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