HIFDHigh Density Floppy Disk
HIFDHigh Capacity Floppy Disk
HIFDHigh Floppy Disk (200 MB)
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Sony showed its 220-MB HiFD 3.5-inch floppy drive that can read the old floppies as well (at a significantly faster transfer rate).
But we still have a wide assortment of products that could qualify, such as the 100-MB Zip cartridges, the 120-MB SuperDisk from Imation, the 200-MB Sony HiFD floppies, the EZFlyer from SyQuest with 230-MB capacity, or Avatar Shark drives with 250-MB capacity, just on the low end of the spectrum.
The Imation SuperDisk and Compaq's LS-120 cost about $100, and the Sony HiFD drive and the Iomega Zip drive each set you back about $200.