HIFRHelicopter In-Flight Refueling
HIFRHover Inflight Refueling
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I had never been involved with an actual HIFR and was nervous, but the pilot in the right seat is the one who flies during a HIFR because it is easier to hold position on the ship from the right seat.
HIFR is a high-risk activity, especially "wet" HIFRs.
Interested parties are to note that all equipments comply and must be overhauled and provisioned in accordance with: NATO STANAGs 3847 HIFR Refuelling Equipment (Edition 1), 3681 Criteria for Pressure Refuelling/Defuelling of Aircraft (Edition 3), 3105 Helicopter Refuelling Connections (Edition 6), 6632 Earthing Arrangement For Aircraft Refuelling (Edition 5).