HIFTHeard Island Feasibility Test
HIFTHardware Implemented Fault Tolerance
HIFTHost Initiated File Transfer
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(Sometimes the double s hift became a triple shift when women such as my mother cared for relatives living in separate households.) We were also the ones who decided to rebel against the idea of a double or triple shift.
I remember meeting Besas regularly at the MIFED film market in Milan, Italy, together with legendary Variety writers Elizabeth Guider, Bob Hawkins, Fred Hift, Roger Watkins and Hank Werba (the late Hift later worked at Video Age).
Such a situation is reflected in figure 11, which depicts the performance of organizations that s hift their representations relative to those with a fixed representation in the context of a dynamic fitness landscape.
The general thesis of the book is that British business handled the s hift from the old staple industries to the new industries of the second industrial revolution poorly, but has been much better at managing the shift from mass production to services.
The former Oxford United player missed out last week through suspension, but will return in place of Danish striker Mikkel Beck, who was drafted into a makes hift midfield for the Coventry game.
Some clinicians have been enthusiastic (Bender, 1947, 1973); other investigators have been less sanguine and have declared the use of ECT with children exhibiting psychotic behavior of scant value (Clardy, 1951; Hift et al., 1960).
Reflecting the Population Crisis Committee's prediction that by the year 2010, half the world's population will live in urban areas (Hift, 1990), cyberpunk authors create settings, such as Gibson's New York-to-Atlanta "Sprawl" city, which depict a colossal mutation of today's increasingly rapid urbanization.
[20.] Dlova NC, Mankahla A, Madala N, Grobler A, Tsoka-Gwegweni J, Hift RJ.
D Wood, (1) MB BCh, FCEM, MPhil; B Sartorius, (2) PhD; R Hift, (1) MB BCh, FRCP, PhD
No one else ever came close to Dennis Th th ba sh he flights sergeant was here waiting to give me the ad news at the end of my hift. But I already knew
The chemical s hift values are given in ppm (?) units with TMS as reference and the coupling cons tants (J) are in Hz.
Between now and tomorrow night, teams of six will each work a rota of six-hour hift ff i ti l t t shifts, offering emotional support to any of the searchers who need it.