HIGAHere It Goes Again (OK Go song)
HIGAHawaii Insurance Guaranty Association (Honolulu, HI)
HIGAHandels- industrie- und Gewerbeausstellung in Graubünden
HIGAHigh Intensity Gang Area (police focus areas; California)
HIGAHealth Insurance Group of Arizona (Peoria, AZ)
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S - Undercover cop uncovers corruption THTC - Jimmy Cliff movie HIGA - Whitesnake classic BITHLA - Steve Winwood hit from the mid-80s BION - Sean Lock looks at some extraordinary TV output TITLE TEASER Solve the clues and rearrange the words to find the Noel Coward comedy 1 Abnormally high body temperature prone to happen on a Saturday Night, maybe (5); 2 Cut and dried grass (3).
OMN - Phil Collins (1) wants more HIGA - Whitesnake are off once more TNP - 1963 movie about cranky boffin H - James Stewart (2) classic, 1950 CM - In the kitchen with stars TITLE TEASER Solve the clues and TV QUIZ 1 Which sitcom features police constables Sally Bobbins and Sally Frank?