HIGEHover In Ground Effect
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Officials say Paul Mer-r hige fled the scene of the multiple shooting in the town of Jupiter.
The Windies hit 534 against the MCC, but opener Chris Gayle was unable to bat and his absence would be another hige blow to their already hard-hit batting line-up.
The lawyers said they would refile the lawsuit, which alleged the residents were duped into participating into what they thought was a documentary that would benefit them rather than a comedy, which has been a hige hit.
COME ON MY SUN: Sunrise Safari (left) is hige value at 33-1 in the William Hill Trophy
ON THE ROAD Visitors pictured after Drayton Manor's pounds 500,000 facelift in 1958.' SCARY A scene from June 1885.' HIGE TIME Fun-seekers high above the park in 1964.' RIDE Thrill-seekers on the roller-coaster in 1970.
But in Hige yagura (The Fortified Beard) the climactic moment is extended to the whole second act in which a wife enters with neighbor women equipped with various weapons to pluck out her husband's long beard, which is protected by a miniature turret.
And H&B Heating and Plumbing of Skippers Lane signed another hige deal to supply and install gas central heating in homes across Stockton.
Boundaryless behavior combines 12 hige global businesses--each number one or number two in its markets--into a vast laboratory whose principal product is new ideas, coupled with a common commitment to spread them throughout the Company.
In the operations reorganization, two appointments have been made: Dan Hige, a former regional vice president of operations, has been named vice president of operations for the East Region.
There will be no other memory of you.' (Ena hige natum, mate hige tautaum.