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HIGIHome Interiors and Gifts Inc. (Carrolton, TX)
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5% of screenings at higi stations have BP results indicating hypertension, almost double the percentage under the earlier guidelines, higi reported.
higi owns and operates an FDA-cleared self-screening health station network in the United States with nearly 11,000 stations located in food, drug and mass market retailers.
higi, a social networking tool that uses cloud-based technology to aggregate measurements of users' body and lifestyle choices and personal interactions, like your relationship status, how many friends you have on Facebook and community engagements and how often you send encouraging words to fellow users
The partnership extends the higi platform into Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota.
Higi called the series "a product of clever spins and a preconceived agenda.
Cloud-based consumer engagement platform Higi has stepped into this space by providing self-service kiosks at Rite Aid Corp.
has partnered with higi to advance the retailer's in-store health and wellness experience.
One of the more prominent players is Chicago-based higi, whose health stations are found at food and drug chains.
At the back, the spacious pharmacy has separate drop-off and pickup windows, a consultation room and a higi health station.
CHICAGO -- Community-based health and wellness platform higi is collaborating with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) to promote Eat Well, America
Companies such as Life Clinic, SoloHealth and Higi in the United States have expanded significantly in the past three years by offering a convenient solution to health tracking via kiosks connected to mobile devices.