HIGLASHealthcare Integrated General Ledger and Accounting System
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The CDC and FDA Accounting and Budget Activities Now Streamlined, CMS Implements HIGLAS
CMS will fully integrate Medicare's 52 different accounting systems into HIGLAS during the next four years.
HIGLAS replaces and modernizes 52 Medicare contractor accounting systems with a single standardized system.
For HIGLAS History, we needed a system that could provide a document-centric view of the data in Oracle Financials as well as help us improve overall application performance, enhance functionality and comply with federal mandates," said Scott Beam, Director of HIGLAS Operations, CMS.
CMS worked with Oracle and IBM to define functional requirements for HIGLAS History.
As the foundation for the new HIGLAS History system, Oracle Healthcare Transaction Base helps CMS facilitate customer service through automation and enables system users to trace documents from initiation to completion -- tracking all related financial and non-financial activity.
Initiative Builds on Oracle-based HIGLAS Dual-entry Accounting System that Has Preserved More than $5.