HIGNFYHave I Got News for You
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FRIDAY Paul Merton appears without his comic foil and HIGNFY opponent Ian Hislop, as he returns to his stand up roots.
Stephen Mangan will be in the presenter's seat in the first HIGNFY, with Ian Hislop and Paul Merton to be joined by Miles Jupp and Grace Dent.
AFTER an ill-advised shift to Thursdays, HIGNFY returns to its spiritual Friday night home.
6 Ian is the only person to have appeared in every Have I Got News For You episode - and more than once on Room 101 after he was invited to turn the tables on Paul Merton, his fellow star on HIGNFY.
I know people have liked seeing me on HIGNFY and they are always curious about what goes on when it is filmed.
HIGNFY might be billed as the comedy quiz that grills celebrity contestants on the week's top news stories but we all know it's an excuse for team captains Paul Merton and Ian Hislop to make jokes at the expense of everyone else on the show.
30pm: After HIGNFY, stay tuned for this entertaining sketch show - we're already at the fourth episode of only six, so savour them while you can.
tom_watson: I'm getting nervous in advance of ritual humiliation on HIGNFY tonight.
Even at the best of times, it seems likely that HIGNFY keeps the lawyers busy - after all, this is the show that convinced a lot of viewers that a statement couldn't be libellous if it was prefaced with the word 'allegedly' - but with all those superinjunctions flying around, some of the guests may have been tempted to go a little too far in pursuit of a laugh.
There's no word yet whether we'll be getting a new recruit or HIGNFY veteran this week, but with Merton and Hislop on hand, even the return visitors shouldn't get too complacent.
At the time of the scandal HIGNFY regulars Paul Merton and Ian Hislop hinted on air that Deayton should resign.
Luckily, it seems we needn't have panicked as the latest run sees HIGNFY back on Fridays where it belongs.