HIGPAHealth Industry Group Purchasing Association
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At the 1999 strategic work session, the HIGPA board and CEO brainstormed a board governing mission intended to serve as a high-level job description for the board, spelling out specific responsibilities.
Of course, the HIGPA CEO played a leading role in this process as well.
One of the most important steps taken to strengthen the HIGPA board's governing capacity as part of the 2050 Initiative was establishing four standing committees of the board.
The HIGPA board has taken two important steps on the accountability front, both of which may be helpful to other associations:
Relying on the standing committees to flesh out important indicators of board performance enables the HIGPA board to go well beyond the kinds of mundane assessment checklists that are often employed, which tend to focus on process (e.g., whether board members receive their packets in a timely fashion) rather than substance.
Among other things, HIGPA board members are expected to attend and be prepared for both full-board and committee meetings and to participate in the annual strategic work session.
One final piece of the puzzle: HIGPA could not have transformed its board of directors into a high-impact governing body without the strong, aggressive leadership and support of its board-savvy CEO, who has been a leading participant in the HIGPA 2050 Initiative since the beginning.
At HIGPA, the CEO's collaborative role has included:
As such, the HIGPA Governance Committee continues to play an active, in-depth role in board development.
A nonboard task force of industry leaders further developed the values and vision statements with the assistance of a consultant and the newly hired HIGPA planning director.
As one of the nation's leading health care trade associations, HIGPA strives to have a long-term, positive impact.
* HIGPA is an acknowledged national leader in speaking for and shaping the field of health care purchasing.