HIGSHigh-Intensity Gamma Source
HIGSHemophilia Inhibitor Genetics Study (international research project)
HIGSHarmonized Insulating Glass Standard (glass quality testing)
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HIGS is unparalleled because it encompasses integrated and western medicine, health psychology, and the individual's uniqueness," said Constance Fitzpatrick, Ph.
HIGS Histories contribute to an individual's baseline information by bringing in past facts about an individual and family.
HIGS provides capabilities to address the following 23 categories: Alcohol Issues, Anxiety Disorders, Attention and Concentration, Communicable, Infectious, and Bacterial Diseases, Depression and Mood Disorders, Eating Disorders/Psychological, Elderly Issues, Environmental Issues, General Health & Health Histories, Immunization, Men's Issues, Neuropsychological Issues, Nutritional and Dietary Issues, Overeating and Obesity Issues, Physical Issues/Body Systems, Psychological Issues, Self-esteem, Sleep Problems, Sexual and Reproductive Issues, Substance Use/Abuse, Tobacco Use, Women's Issues, and Workplace/Occupational Issues.